Step 1

Install Juniper

The latest Juniper release is 2.3.0. We recommend using the Platform IO IDE with Juniper. We have also created a syntax coloring package for the VS Code text editor. It can be used by searching for Juniper in the extensions manager.


Download the latest Windows package (installer)

After installing the Windows package, run Juniper.exe from the command prompt to use the compiler. You may need to restart your computer for the user PATH changes to take effect.

Download the latest Windows package (portable zip file)

Alternatively you can download Juniper packaged as a zip file.


First install Mono by following these instructions on the Mono website

Download the deb installer for Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, etc.

After installing the Linux deb package, run juniper from the terminal to use the compiler.

Download the zip archive for all other distributions

After downloading and extracting the Linux zip file, run the juniper shell script to use the compiler.

Step 2

All Platforms

Download Platform IO IDE

Old Releases

Juniper 2.2.0

Juniper 2.1.0

Juniper 2.0.0

Juniper 1.1.0